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Art happens here!

Our studio is built environmentally friendly insulated with flax straw, which allows the walls to "breathe." This creates a very unique some say magical environment where creativity seems to thrive. 

Red Roof Artist

Rita was born an artist.  Growing up in Holland, her imagination and independent thinking made her stand out.  In school when Rita was learning how to stay within the lines while colouring, she struggled, this was not something this out of the box thinker was interested in. This narrow-minded view of art did not deter Rita.  It created a fire in her to create art the way her imagination wanted.  She saved all her money and bought her very own sketchbook when she was 15 and has been an unstopped force ever since.  Rita and her husband Collin moved to Canada in the 70's. Since then she has perfected her painting and sculpting skills, obtained a Bachelor of Fine Art's Degree from the University of Lethbridge, and opened the Red Roof Studio.  She has been an art educator for over 35 years, and has been recognized in the art field many times in many ways and has no plans to slow yet.     

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